"He who writes, reads twice"

"He who writes, reads twice"

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


So I finally initiated that change that I've been talking about in my past posts...and when I say "initiated" I mean just initiate....nothing physically has changed as yet....a talk was had and things are in motion but nothing has actually happened as yet.  It seems to be the story of my Life recently...where nothing in my Life happens instantly....everything is gradual.

I keep wondering if there is a reason for the gradual part....is there some lesson I'm suppose to be learning from this while the wheels are in motion and nothing's actually moving?  Am I suppose to churn along with time until I figure out the answer?

I know deep down that this change is what I want, what I need actually...so why does it feel as if the second hand has slowed and time is working backwards instead of moving foward?  I want this now!

At times like this I feel helpless in my own body.  My mind keeps playing tricks with me.  How patient can one person be when it's not the future we're dealing with but the present?!

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  1. There's always a lesson to be learned. It's what we do with the lesson learned that counts.