"He who writes, reads twice"

"He who writes, reads twice"

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


People are always reititerating that quote that "people come into your lives for a reason"....but when will you EVER know what that reason is for?  20 years down the line - when emotions have already been lived and cried over?  When you no longer have any feelings?

I need to know why NOW.  Why were you in my Life, before, now, ever?????

What have I learned?  How have I grown?  What did I take away from my encounter/s with you?  And what would it matter when I figure out the answer to these questions??????????


  1. It does matter in many ways but the most important thing is to realize the lessons learned and not repeat the crap or allow anyone who comes into your life, repeat any crap of the past.

    We learn something from everyone and they learn something for us. What we choose do do with that, be it positive or negative, determines how we live the rest of our loves.

    Some came into my life last year. They left abrupt;y last month. I learned a great deal in those few months including that everything is not what it seems. and I was reminded once again that I allow people into my life too easily. So thee lesson that this old biddy has to learn is not too trust so easily and not to be open so quickly. It keeps happening so I've now decided to take my own advice and lock off. That way I won't get hurt but it's taken years to learn that lesson.

  2. Thanks BEE...for always reading & commenting. Luv ur support!!! :D